Free verse, Poem

Day 55: Remember

I see you in every line in her face,
In the way she laughs
Her innocent manipulations.

Joyful expressions,
Sullen tantrums,
Tearful apologies,

She captivates,
With her smile,
Making us all players,
In her drama.

When she moves her pencil,
Breathing life,
Into still white pages,
Her essence glows bright,
That I cannot look away.

Other days she runs,
Headlong into the wind,
Without thoughts of falling,
Dancing in sun-warmed beaches,
And frozen tundras.

Singing her song of joy,
Stringing notes between the stars,
Off key and loud,
Giving voice to expression,
To emotion, to reality.

In all these times,
And all these ways,
I remember us,
The girls we were,
The women we are
And all the ways,
We captivate.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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