Free verse, Poem

Day 48: Cheat

I want to cheat,
Give you the words
I never told to others,
Promise you,
That you are different,
That this is different.

I want to jump past the hurdles,
Of my untrusting mind,
Who sees the ways
In which you will hurt me,
And pushes me
To mark you with scars first,
So all mine remain hidden.

My foolish heart,
Keeps begging me to look,
To jump to the ending of the book,
A happily ever after,
An ending sequence in song and dance.

If I ask you to cheat,
To Stop keeping score,
Ignore the rules of the game,
Share the prize.
Can I still trust you to not
Cheat on me.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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