Free verse, Poem

Day 46: Identity

Some days I am Kanex’s daughter,
Strong in my community ties,
Outgoing and connected,
An academic and dreamer,
Pushing to make this life better.

Sometimes, I am Darly’s child,
A story of loss at a young age,
Missing my mother’s embrace,
Possessing her warmth,
Loving the beauty of life.

Days, I am part of Mani’s family,
Sister, In-law, and aunt,
Accepting new connections and changing families,
Smart and honest,
Learning life is about growth.

Other days I am Maran’s baby sister,
When I met the brothers,
Who knew me with
dirt on my knees,
My hair a mess,
Running fast to catch up with life.

Moments, that I am Pillai’s sister
Involved and passionate,
Stubbornly pursuing​ what’s right,
A fighter and protector,
A love that embraces everyone’s life

Underneath, I am always me
A composite of stories,
Of people and memories,
An expanding network of love and trust,
That shape this life and choices within it.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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