Free verse

Day 18: Ivory Towers

Easy is getting caught in these words,
Flowing out of me on to the keyboard,
Sharply defined letters on blank spaces.

Constructing fantasies of broken lands,
Heroes who fight against the “-isms,”
Of race, gender, ability and sexuality.
Villains, simplistic and pure,
Their corruption unlinked to stories of
Colonial pasts, privileges, and power.

Every action of love and pain,
Connected to a great tales of
Redemption and forgiveness.
The black and white pages
Promising endings
Of universal joy and peace,
If only the path was followed.

As these words fall from pages of notes,
Researched issues and buzzwords,
Of spaces, faces and places.
Knowledge to be captured,
The masses to be saved.

But I am surrounded by
A multi-colour world
Of Intersecting identities and bonds
Where villains are friends
And heroes flawed,
Characters shift and stories (re)written.

So those easy words
Become difficult truths.
Broken worlds the
Hidden hearts of people.
Happy endings signal,
The dawning of new armour,
For they are won,
One battle at a time.

© Manivillie Kanagasabapathy

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